Whitney is an amazing photographer. She took time to learn about each member of the family, how we want the pictures to turn out and she was great with the kids. She’s so personable and sweet. I definitely recommend her to anyone who’s looking for someone to capture the memorable moments on film. I will cherish the photos I have for years and years to come! -Ingrid

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Personable & sweet

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we danced to taylor swift

"Whitney is the absolute best!! She took my senior portraits on a super windy day with my hair flying in every direction and you can't even tell in the pictures! Plus she brought out a speaker and we danced to Taylor Swift! LOVE HER" -Lucy

made me feel so confident

Only she can make a big pregnant woman look good. I’m sort of awkward taking pictures and she knew exactly what poses to do, when to smile, when to be serious, how my husband should stand etc she took control and that made me feel so confident in the outcome! I've gotten so many compliments on these pictures! She will be my forever photographer from now on!" -Mechaella

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November 6, 2015

downtown boston engagement - KARA & ROSS

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